Breede River Braaied Chicken Recipe 
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Breede River Braaied Chicken
Otter Creek is famous for its chicken braai, perfected over 35 years

The secret to this braai is the cooking method. All the ingredients you will need are chicken pieces as much as you want to eat, we do 4 portions per person, and it's as good cold.

Pre made basting sauce: make a large quantity, as it does not go off. Refrigerate only that which has been used to baste the chicken. This baste recipe is for 1litre, we make 10 litres at a time and store in bottles in a cool place.

375ml wine (use up all the 1/4 and 1/2 bottles, white and red mixed is fine.)
125ml vinegar
2Tbs soy sauce
100ml sunflower oil
juice of 2 lemons
1Tbs dry mustard
3 cloves crushed garlic
100gms Aromat or a flavour powder
1Tbs salt
1 tsp mixed herbs
1Tbs tarragon vinegar optional

Mix it all together and bottle, shake it up and store ready for use.


You will need a grid that is hinged, a large pan to catch the baste, and a hot bed of coals.

Place chicken in grid skin side down, place over hot coals, when skin starts to bubble turn and do other side, when this side starts to bubble place grid over tray, bubbling side up and pour well stirred baste over meat, place meat back over coals unbasted side down, now repeat frequently adjusting heat so chicken does not burn.

Cooking time approx. 40 mins

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